You are looking to increase revenue, find new markets, raise funding or even sell your business, TRADING 4 YOU will not only advise on the process but lead on it.

Strategic Management & Business Consulting (B2C, B2B, B2G) 

We work with you to develop new strategies, new markets and market approaches. We provide daily and weekly market overview to identify emergent opportunities and accelerating organizational growth.

Our diverse services base also includes consulting services, contacts, contracts and relationship management with investor-buyers and sellers in the fields of tourism, of high technology and innovative start-ups, business projects, shipping, energy and sales of goods.

We also provide corporate entrepreneurship, global strategy, cutting-edge consulting and creation value legally in a highly competitive world.


International Trade & Business Consulting in Imports-Exports (B2B)

Trading 4 You is a leading business consultancy with global partners able to bring together both buyers and sellers of physical commodities, achieving competitive prices, with guaranteed anonymity in the market.

We act as an international dealer broker that does not take principal positions, and as such, we charge a brokerage fee for our services, and we are constantly seeking for new markets and opportunities for our clients.

We offer consulting services, contacts and relationship management with investor-buyers in the field of food, commodities and minerals trading.

Financial Solutions & Portfolio (B2C, B2B, B2G)

We provide expert and scientific advice in financial markets and specifically in FOREX and CFD markets. We assist you in the creation of sustainable portfolio.


We are there around the clock for you to make you TRADING THE WORLD.